About English Editorial Services

English Editorial Services provides editorial services as well as comprehensive business publishing services to a broad clientele in various industries and countries. Using modern communications technologies and global software standards, our orientation is borderless and worldwide. The firm is incorporated and located in the Czech Republic, where our multilingual staff also provides Czech-language translating and editorial services.

The company was founded in 2003 by Gale A. Kirking, a former journalist, investment analyst and international manager. Originally from the US, Kirking has lived and worked in several European countries since 1992. He has written, edited, translated, critiqued and proofread thousands and thousands of pages in his professional life. The multicultural team has expertise in editing, writing, research, translating, graphic design, electronic publishing, and prepress processes.

More than half of the firm’s work is in the financial sector, providing services to banks, securities brokers, fund managers, corporate finance boutiques, and financial exchange operators. English Editorial Services works in a wide range of industries, but its editorial practice is particularly strong also in the legal, life sciences, IT and telecom, public administration, foreign trade, and business communications segments.

Why you should work with English Editorial Services

There are very good and important reasons to consider outsourcing your editorial, translation, DTP and business publishing work to English Editorial Services:

Professional quality – Accuracy, clarity and succinctness count for a lot in business communications today. Busy professionals do not want to struggle through reports, letters, web sites or proposals that are not well written and presented. Your corporate communications must be read and understood.

We are serious professionals, with many years of experience and strong educational credentials. Your English-language text will be finalized by a British or American editor to meet UK or US stylistic standards. A native-speaking Czech editor prepares Czech-language documents.

Economy – The expense to maintain a full-time professional editor on your staff can easily exceed €100,000 annually. Highly qualified design experts and translators do not come inexpensively, either. Meanwhile, the cost of conveying an inappropriate message or image may be immeasurable. By outsourcing editorial, translation, DTP and other work to English Editorial Services, you retain flexibility, are assured of high quality, and have control over communications to your external audiences.

Efficiency and convenience – We understand that working with us must be convenient and uncomplicated. You do not need additional hassles. We organize our work to help you do your job more efficiently and successfully.

Discretion and security – Privacy is guaranteed. We will neither disclose your information to others nor act upon it for personal or financial gain. We do not publicize who are our clients or proclaim to the world what we do for them. Up-to-date technology keeps information secure on our systems, and the very latest antivirus technology screens all incoming and outgoing files.

Your message is important. Your image is precious. You know what to communicate. We help you to say it.