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Your printed or electronic documents and presentation materials comprise the vehicles by which you deliver your marketing message. If the vehicle does not function properly, your message does not get through the way it should. That means proper design, layout, printing and online publishing of your annual report, web site, brochure, newsletter, catalog, presentation or book is critically important.

We provide the same high quality client care and attention to detail in the visual creative area that we do when copywriting or editing our clients’ documents. Since graduating from applied art school, our visual creative specialist has gained long experience in commercial design and managing collaboration with printers and other suppliers. Our services in this area are described below.

Graphic design is the job of creating and combining artwork and other visual elements with text to compose a complete document or product. It also includes web design. According to your needs, we can join your existing designs with new and additional graphics. Our house creative style tends toward the conservative. It is serious, aiming to achieve a certain elegance in simplicity and to communicate in a straightforward manner. We believe design should support and carry the client’s message, not detract from it.

DTP (desktop publishing) is the preparation of crisp, clean layouts of your text and visual elements. It generally is a simpler procedure than is graphic design.

Prepress processes include a range of technical activities extending from DTP to the point that the printing press begins to run. We take special care to make sure that your corporate colors come out right and all the technical parameters are in order to ensure the final product turns out as it should.

Electronic publishing is the preparation of such digital media as HTML or PDF documents on the internet or CD-ROM, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

Localization involves adapting your corporate materials and visual identity to a new market. This typically is an integrated process involving translation, copywriting, DTP and prepress work. We especially collaborate with companies to prepare their materials for English-speaking markets and with foreign companies entering the Czech market.

Project management for publishing jobs can involve various tasks (including to work with printers and other external suppliers) that must be coordinated. We can take over a part of this responsibility – or all of it.

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