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Our work is driven by the customer’s needs. We regularly do jobs as small as editing critically important memoranda and business letters but also prepare complex web sites and corporate annual reports. Whether the job demands simple proofreading, full publishing services or anything in between, English Editorial Services will respond flexibly to your requirements. Our editorial services are described individually below.

Copywriting is the creative process of crafting a text that is easy and pleasant to read, that persuasively delivers your intended message to the target audience, and that conveys the appropriate image of your organization. A text that must carry a marketing message or create a distinctive impression will typically need a certain amount of copywriting. This work can also involve preparing a complete written document from scratch but based upon your outline, detailed instructions, or roughly organized content.

Editing means to rework a text to an extent necessary so that there are no errors of grammar, vocabulary or style. Edited text will read clearly and should be easily understood. Depending upon the condition of the original text, editing may include improving the logic and organization of the document. We have special expertise in editing documents drafted by non-native speakers of English.

Proofreading is a meticulous final check over your edited document to correct typographical, formatting, spelling and punctuation errors, as well as the occasional problem of grammar, word choice or style. This is best done after layout. The critical proofreading step is too often skipped over when publishing documents. As a result, errors created after editing and during layout find their way into the final document.

Translation work is provided primarily in English and Czech. Translations involving other languages (such as from German or Russian to English) may be arranged on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with your translation agency or our translation service providers.

Localization involves adapting your corporate materials and visual identity to a new market. This typically is an integrated process involving translation, copywriting, DTP and prepress work. We especially collaborate with companies to prepare their materials for English-speaking markets and with foreign companies entering the Czech market.

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