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Legal documents and lawyers have a language all their own. We know that vocabulary. But we add even greater value, because we also understand the concepts involved in drafting legal documents and the purposes those documents are to achieve.

At English Editorial Services, we take full advantage of training opportunities to assist the key personnel working in the legal area to continuously build their knowledge of the law’s special vocabulary and concepts. Most important, though, is that these staff members have long experience working with legal documents.

We especially enjoy working in the corporate finance area – where the law converges with finance and business strategy. In addition to contracts and due diligence documentation, we frequently work with legal documents in the real estate and banking areas. Articles of incorporation, general terms and conditions, prospectuses for securities issues, and mandate contracts are typical jobs for us.

English Editorial Services also handles translations between Czech and English for the full range of documents needed to establish, acquire or transform a company in the Czech Republic. Very often, these translations must be legalized by a registered court translator. Translation agencies always charge extra for these legalized translations, and so do we. But the similarity between us and them stops there.

We believe you will find a significant difference between the quality of our work on legalized translations and that of a typical translation agency. To us, preparing these documents is much more than binding a haphazardly translated text in colorful string and putting on a round stamp and a square stamp. At English Editorial Services, we focus foremost on getting the translation really right. A native Czech and a native English speaker will work together on your documents before the stamps and strings go on. That Czech will be fluent in English and the English speaker will have strong knowledge of Czech.

For something as important as your legal documents, can you really afford to settle for anything less?

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