Life sciences practice

English Editorial Services works in a range of scientific areas, but its practice is particularly strong in the life sciences, including all manner of biological sciences; medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical research; as well as agriculture and ecology.

Editing of scientific research is at the heart of English Editorial Services’ life sciences practice. We love science, and we enjoy helping our clients to get their research results published.

Having one’s work accepted into the best possible journal is the culmination of perhaps years of research and teamwork. With thousands of articles sent to journals every day, however, publishing is increasingly competitive. A large proportion of scientific papers by non-native English speakers are sent back each year, not necessarily because of the scientific content but because of problems with the English.

Our standard approach is to edit each scientific article to meet the precise standards of the particular journal that the client is targeting for publication. Our clients do good science, and we focus on boosting their chances to be published in prestigious international journals.

Editor-in-Chief Gale A. Kirking has years of experience in publishing and manuscripts preparation. Mr. Kirking earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He worked 10 years as an agricultural journalist, during which time one of his specialties was interpreting and popularizing basic and applied agricultural research. Since moving to Europe, he has worked in investment analysis and consulting that has included responsibility for the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors.

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