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Mission: clear, correct, persuasive

English Editorial Services’ mission is to assist international businesses and organizations of all sizes to communicate clearly, correctly, and persuasively with their business partners and target audiences. We specialize in the areas of life sciences and technology, finance and investment, and international corporate communications.

Always discreet, safe, secure

We take discretion and security very seriously. We will neither disclose your information to others nor act upon it for personal or financial gain. We do not publicize who are our clients. Up-to-date technology keeps information secure and virus-free on our systems.

Highest quality is paramount

We provide the highest-quality copywriting and editing services in English, as well as Czech-to-English translations, of critically and strategically important scientific, financial, legal, and marketing texts. Our expertise is in crafting content wherein precision, clarity of expression, persuasiveness, and strategic messaging are crucial.

Have a bigger project, greater need?

We also can work with you in preparing and executing publishing projects and in formulating and implementing communications programs and strategies.


English Editorial Services

A specialized communications boutique

English Editorial Services is today more than ever a compact and specialized communications boutique building upon the expertise and broad experience of its founder, Gale A. Kirking, CFA, MBA. In recent years, Kirking has focused less on growing his firm and more on sharpening its already intense focus on high quality, client service, and internationalism within its specialty target sectors.

Know-how built over 40+ years

Kirking founded English Editorial Services in 2003 after working many years as a journalist, investment analyst, and research director in several European financial services companies. The firm is based in Brno, the second city of the Czech Republic, near the Central European capitals of Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia.

Creative, deeply analytical, meticulous, cross-cultural

Originally from the U.S., Kirking has lived and worked in several European countries since 1992. His professional approach is creative and at the same time deeply analytical and meticulous. He enjoys working in diverse areas of basic and applied life sciences, finance and investment, and strategic cross-cultural corporate communications.

Scientific, financial, international expertise

Especially to serve European and American clientele on a trans-Atlantic basis, Kirking also has founded Gale A. Kirking and Associates, a consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin ( In addition, he manages a private investment partnership specialized in biotechnology, medical technology, food and agriculture, health care services, and environmental and water resources management.

Our services

Editorial, publishing, and communications consultancy to meet our clients’ needs

Our work depends upon our clients’ communication needs. We regularly do jobs as small as editing vitally important memoranda and business letters but also assist in preparing complex websites, corporate annual reports, and transaction documentation.


Editorial services

Clear, targeted, and carefully crafted communication in English is crucially important in today's international and competitive business environment. We provide copywriting of original texts, editing and additional copywriting of texts prepared by the clients or their external agencies, and Czech-to-English translation.

Typical projects include press releases, annual reports, sales letters, web content, magazine articles, project proposals and bidding documents, legal documentation, brochures, newsletters, and presentations.

Life sciences practice

Kirking typically edits 100–150 scientific articles annually for submission to principally high-impact, international journals. These range across the widest array of basic and applied life sciences, including agriculture, micro- and cell biology, molecular genetics, virology, diverse medical and veterinary specialties, ecology, and many others.

We work with scientists at more than 50 scientific institutes, universities, and research hospitals in the Czech Republic. (See here a list of selected scientific journals for which we have edited articles.) We also provide Czech-to-English translations of scientific articles, grant proposals, and commercial materials in life sciences areas.

Financial services practice

We work with the full range of texts and documents associated with financial and investment institutions, products, and services. Typical clientele include investor and stakeholder relations departments, banks, investment funds and advisers, private equity firms, hedge funds, stock exchanges, M&A boutiques, and securities dealers.

We have expert knowledge of all relevant specialized terminology and concepts. We also work with all manner of legal documentation associated with this sector, including contracts, company foundation documents, prospectuses, due diligence reports, powers of attorney, disclaimers, and legal briefs of all sorts.


Our publishing work includes to produce or co-produce company magazines and newsletters, web content, books, and other physically and/or electronically published documents. We well understand how written texts, visual elements, and technological functionalities are most effectively integrated to best deliver messages with impact while achieving intended effects.

Communications consulting

Communicating effectively across cultural and distance barriers will always be a challenge, and especially when venturing abroad. It is important always to present one’s firm, products, and services using high-quality presentation materials and other documentation, including website, technical and marketing materials, and legal documents.

English Editorial Services can evaluate a firm’s existing communications materials, methods, and strategies, then help in working out a comprehensive plan for improving the company’s presentation materials and other English-language documentation while ensuring that unified content and stylistic standards will be applied.

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